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Daily Crime Log

The UCF Police Department maintains a daily crime log. UCF does not publish the name of victims nor house identifiable information. 

The purpose of the daily crime log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to UCFPD.  Therefore, not all incidents listed on the daily crime log are included in Clery statistics. 

Crimes included on the daily crime log are those that occurred on campus, in or on non-campus buildings or property, public property with the campus or immediately adjacent and accessible from the campus and reports of crime that occurred within UCFPD’s patrol jurisdiction and at separate campuses. 

In addition, a CSA Report is a report of crime to the Clery Compliance Analyst.  CSA reports are documented incidents of Clery Crimes occurring on Clery Geography that were reported to a CSA, then forwarded to the Clery Compliance Analyst to reviewed for a crime statistic or safety information for the campus community.  Since reports received from CSAs are not official reports to the police department, UCFPD is unable to conduct an investigation. CSA reports generally contain limited information for these incidents.  For more information about CSAs, please see the Campus Security Authority tab.