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Campus Safety Survey

At UCF Public Safety, we are thankful to be trusted to keep our community safe, but we’re always looking for ways to be better. We invite you to share your experiences and thoughts about safety on campus by taking our Campus Safety Survey below.

Campus Safety Survey 2024/25

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Special Event Requests

The UCF Police Department provides police and public safety services for special events on the main campus, and the UCF Downtown, Rosen, and Health Sciences campuses. These events are defined as planned and approved special occurrences not considered part of the daily operation of the university. The UCF Police Department’s Special Events section handles the logistical and operational management of these events taking place throughout our campuses.

Any group, club, individual or entity requiring police services can request services by completing a Special Events Request form at least five days prior to the event. To request services within the five-day window, or if you have questions about the details of your event or have specific requests, please contact the Special Events Coordinator at 407-823-5555 to speak with someone directly. Event requests within this 5-day window may be considered, however, scheduling of police services cannot be guaranteed.

After your form is received, you will be contacted by the Special Events Coordinator to confirm the request. The UCF Police Department may recommend the cancellation of an event if adequate preparations are not made for the safety and security of the attendees and our students, faculty, and staff.

Special Event Staffing
We are frequently asked how we determine the appropriate level of staffing for events on campus. While every event is different, there are a variety of considerations that go into determining the level of staffing for each event. The following list is a general guideline of what is considered for the majority of special events on campus. Each event will be evaluated, and the minimum amount of sworn police personnel will be assigned to accomplish the security/law enforcement goal for the event. While the UCFPD Special Events section works closely with all campus organizations to provide a safe environment for special events, the final decision on all event security measures and police staffing levels is the responsibility of the Chief of Police.

  • Event History – UCF PD will examine past event history to ascertain if the event ran smoothly or had any security problems. Events with a history of problems may warrant a higher level of security coverage.
  • Attendance – The estimated attendance for an event is used to determine the level of staffing that will be provided for the event. Events over 200 guests will require a SAFE Form be completed (
  • Impact on the university and/or surrounding community – In order to control any adverse impact (crowd management issues, traffic control, etc.), staffing and physical security measures may be increased.
  • Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages will only be allowed at events when properly licensed, dispensed, and controlled in accordance with Florida law and University regulations. Failure to properly check identification of drinkers, or violations of licensing requirements may result in the arrest of violators and/or closure of the event. A SAFE form and Alcohol Acknowledgement Form must be completed for any event involving alcohol on University Property.
  • High profile speakers or subject matter – Celebrities, controversial speakers, and some politicians may require “dignitary protection” measures. Similarly, events which have controversial or highly charged subject matter may warrant special security consideration.

Traffic Crash Exchange Form

In the State of Florida, traffic crash reports are required if there are death or injuries as a result of the crash, a vehicle fled the scene of the crash while the other vehicle was occupied, there is more than $500 dollars in damage, the vehicle had to be towed from the scene or an intoxicated driver was involved.

For minor crashes that do not fit into the above categories, drivers may complete a self-report of traffic crash online through the link below.

For example: You notice some minor damage to your vehicle that was parked on campus, but you’re not sure when it occurred and no one saw it happen. Using the online report form will allow you to complete the process faster and not have to wait for an officer to arrive. In such minor cases, officers may direct you to the website for self-reporting and not complete a written report.

File a Self-Report