Knight Ride

Due to COVID-19, the Knight Ride service has been reimagined with alternative ways to help students and employees stay safe while on campus late at night during the Fall 2020 semester. 

In the UCF Mobile app, the “SafeWalk” feature allows users to share their location, destination and estimated arrival time with selected friends who can track the user’s trip on a real-time map. Friends will receive updates about the trip and, in the event of the unexpected, can ping police for assistance and relay critical location and timing information from the app.

Anyone can access the UCF Mobile app by downloading it at Once downloaded, select the SafeWalk icon on the home page of the UCF Mobile app and follow the directions on the screen.

Walking Escorts

UCF Police representatives will be available to provide a walking escort for students and faculty and staff members who prefer the in-person service. 

The UCF community can simply call 407-823-2424 to request a walking escort anywhere on campus, and a UCF Police staff member or officer will escort them to their destination. At UCF Downtown, you can also call 407-235-3800 to request an in-person security escort.

A golf cart will be available for those who require an ADA-compliant method of transportation.


Knight Ride

Knight Ride is a partnership between UCFPD and SGA that offers safe, after-hours transportation around campus. Knight Ride replaces UCFPD’s safe escort program formerly known as SEPS.

Now, Knights that need a safe nighttime transportation option can head to a designated Knight Ride location and wait for the marked van to arrive. The Knight Ride van will follow a similar route as the daytime Pegasus Express, with additional stops near Alafaya Trail and McCulloch Road. The van will make a full loop around campus every 30 to 45 minutes, allowing riders to hop on or off along the way. To view a map of the Knight Ride loop, visit

Knight Ride runs every day from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. when classes are in session, with extended hours during exam periods. Those who need special accommodations or who would like a walking escort can call 407-823-2424 to reach a Knight Ride dispatcher during those hours.