Crime Prevention

Community Partnerships

Our Community Partnerships Unit develops community outreach programs and assists with student activities and orientations. Our Public Information Officer maintains an open line of communication with the local news media and maintains our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Programs offered

Operation ID and Online Property Registration – Officers will engrave a driver's license number on your valuables with an etching pen so that the item tracks directly back to you. We also offer an online serial number storage database so in the event your property is stolen, we have the serial number on file in order to complete the police report and enter it into the FCIC/NCIC stolen property database.

Meet the K-9 - find out what our K-9’s and their handlers can do with bomb detection or drug detection. Click here to request a K9 demo.

Vehicle Maintenance – Do you know where your dip stick is? Could you change the tire if it went flat? We’re here to help you learn the basics of vehicle maintenance.

Q & A Session – Have you always wondered why police use so many lights on a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation? Or maybe you have a relative who needs help with a stalker. This is your chance to ask questions that an officer may be able to help you with. Just ask!

SAFE – Self defense Awareness, Familiarization, and Exchange is a women's self defense class. This is a 2 hour program offered to women only. The class is free and sign ups are available online through the services tab on the police homepage.

Spring Break – Suggestions to keep you safe while traveling.

Identity Theft – Learn how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of ID Theft and find out what some of the latest scams are.

Security Surveys – An officer will evaluate your building or department and make recommendations for improving the security.

Criminal Justice for Beginners – Learn the basics of what happens when someone is arrested and booked into jail.

Digital Safety and Awareness – Learn how to protect yourself while using various social network programs online.

Alcohol Awareness and DUI’s – Visit Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Programming at

Shots Fired – In conjunction with UCF Emergency Management. Suggestions for dealing with an active shooter.

Concealed Weapons – Brief overview on laws regarding concealed firearms and concealed weapons both on and off campus.

For more information on these programs or to set a date for a presentation, please contact:

  • Sgt. Chris Gavette 407-823-2165
  • Ofc. Peter Stephens 407-823-6576
  • Ofc. Joel Witherspoon 407-823-3020
  • Or call our office 407-823-3224

Crime Prevention

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Report a crime anonymously!

Central Florida CrimeLine follows the guidelines and directions set out by the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers in its day-to-day operation. CrimeLine is available (1-800-423-TIPS) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, taking completely anonymous tips on any felony criminal activity. Spanish speaking operators available. (If you witness a crime in progress, you should call 911). You may now report felony crimes on line at