Blue Light Emergency Phones

University of Central Florida is committed to the safety and security of our campus community. While on campus, you are always within site of one of 229 "Blue Light" emergency telephones which, when activated, connect you directly with a police dispatcher. Not all of them look the same. Many of those in the corners of the garages are in silver boxes and some are free standing in other campus areas.

For Emergencies:

Simply press the red button. This calls into the campus 9-1-1 system. The University Police dispatcher will immediately know your exact location. Talk directly into the speaker in the center of the phone. If you cannot stay at the location where you currently are, look 360 degrees to find the next blue light phone and head towards it.

Examples of emergency use would be medical assistance, traffic accidents, fires, suspicious persons, crime reports, or other law violations.

To view a map of the blue light phone locations please use this link to connect to the Office of Emergency Management page at:

Misuse is Prosecutable

The emergency telephones are provided for the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Abuse or misuse through prank, false, or harassing calls is a crime by state statute and violators will be prosecuted. If you press the red button by mistake, please advise the emergency operator immediately of your mistake.

Elevator Telephones

Emergency telephones and emergency buttons are located in the elevators in academic and residential campus buildings. Simply lift the receiver or press the button to be connected to University Police.

Reporting Crime

The primary concern of University Police department is your safety and well-being. Secondary concerns are apprehension of the criminal and preservation of crime evidence. If a crime occurs on campus, contact the UCF Police Department as soon as possible to ensure proper response and reporting of the incident.