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About Our Cameras

The University of Central Florida is committed to the use of reasonable measures to mitigate potential threats and improve solvability factors related to crime on our campus. A critical component that assists in this endeavor is the use of video surveillance cameras and other image capture tools. The University of Central Florida’s Department of Security reserves the right to place video surveillance cameras where necessary and appropriate. UCF respects the right to privacy of the university community.

Cameras provide a visual deterrent to crime, assist with overall security measures, and increase the potential identification and apprehension of person(s) who violate University policies and/or commit criminal acts. Cameras are not a guarantee of safety; however, they do serve as deterrents and can alert the Department of Security (DS) and the University Police Department (UPD) to potential danger. The primary use of surveillance cameras is to record images for future identification of individuals and activity in the event of violations of law or university policy.

University surveillance cameras are not monitored continuously under normal operating conditions but may be monitored for legitimate safety and security purposes that include, but are not limited to, the following: life safety situations, high risk areas, restricted access areas/locations, in response to an alarm, special events, and active criminal activity.

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