Frequently Asked Questions

I got a ticket today. What are my options?

Please visit the Pay Citation page for more information.

Are UCF police officers "real cops"?

Yes. Florida State Statute 1012.97 states: The university police are hereby declared to be law enforcement officers of the state and conservators of the peace with the right to arrest, in accordance with the laws of this state, any person for violation of state law or applicable county or city ordinances when such violations occur on any property or facilities that are under the guidance, supervision, regulation, or control of the state university or a direct-support organization of such university, except that arrest may be made off campus when hot pursuit originates on any such property or facilities. Such officers shall have full authority to bear arms in the performance of their duties and to execute search warrants within their territorial jurisdiction.

University police shall promptly deliver all persons arrested and charged with a felony to the sheriff of the county within which the university is located, and all persons arrested and charged with misdemeanors shall be delivered to the sheriff of the county in which the university is located.

Where is the police department located?

The UCF Police Department is located at 3610 Libra Drive, just south of The Nike Community of Academic Village on Libra Dr.

Something happened to me off-campus. Who should I contact?

For emergencies, always dial 911. For other incidents you should contact the agency that had jurisdiction over the area where the incident occurred. When in doubt, call a local agency and they can tell you who to contact if it is not in their jurisdiction. Check out our Police Links Page for more information.

How do I obtain a copy of a report?

Please visit the Records page for more information.