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A lockdown is when classrooms, offices, and other enclosed spaces are used as a physical barrier to protect people from an immediate threat. During a lockdown, doors can be locked using either electronic access or manual means. Once in lockdown, electronic card access may be impacted, preventing entry to electronically-controlled spaces. The community will be notified of a lockdown situation via UCF Alert.

In the event of a lockdown:

  • Avoid halls and public spaces
  • Shut and lock classroom and/or office doors and windows
  • Turn off classroom and/or office lights, computer monitors and close blinds, if possible
  • Move room occupants out of line of sight from windows and doors
  • Remain calm and quiet
  • Silence cell phones (but do not turn them off)
  • Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to flee
  • DO NOT:
    • DO NOT attempt to lock the building’s outside access points
    • DO NOT prop open doors
    • DO NOT grant entry to the space or respond to anyone at the door until an “all clear” is received via UCF Alert or authorized by UCF Police