Traffic Crash Exchange Form

In the State of Florida, traffic crash reports are required if there are death or injuries as a result of the crash, a vehicle fled the scene of the crash while the other vehicle was occupied, there is more than $500 dollars in damage, the vehicle had to be towed from the scene or an intoxicated driver was involved.

For minor crashes that do not fit into the above categories, drivers may complete a self-report of traffic crash online through the link below.

An example of when this reporting method would be appropriate and helpful: If your vehicle was parked, and when you returned you noticed some minor damage. There are no witnesses and you’re not sure when the crash happened.  Using the online report form will allow you to complete the process faster and not have to wait for an officer to arrive. In such minor cases, officers may direct you to the website for self-reporting and not complete a written report.

Click here to goto the online self-reporting website