*UCF Alert* Safety and Halloween Costumes

Posted October 30, 2018

As we prepare to celebrate Halloween tomorrow, the UCF Police Department reminds you to avoid incorporating simulated or actual ammunition or weapons into costumes. Doing so can scare others and put safety at risk.

Acting on a 911 call around noon today, police responded swiftly and detained and questioned a student who had walked into the Classroom I building wearing a chest strap containing dozens of live shotgun shells, as well as a dark jacket.

The student was not carrying a weapon and said he had dressed up as the Terminator in advance of Halloween.

There was never a threat to campus, and the student was not arrested. Although it’s not illegal to possess ammunition on campus, his costume choice understandably caused alarm, particularly in light of recent national events.

We are thankful that someone called 911 and gave us the opportunity to investigate and confirm that there was no threat.

Your safety is our top priority. If you see suspicious activity, please say something by calling 911 immediately.