Community Alert: Off-Campus Car Burglaries Reported

Posted November 18, 2014

UCF Police alerts you to a string of car burglaries that have occurred recently at an off-campus community.

Students who live in the Pointe at Central have woken up in the mornings to find that their vehicles had been entered and that items were missing.

The vehicles were all unlocked, which made them easy targets for criminals.

We want to remind you to lock your vehicles. Never leave any valuables in plain sight in your car, and if you are traveling with an item susceptible to theft, be sure to store it in your trunk.

Before walking away from your car, make sure that all windows are up and that the trunk and doors are locked.

Also, be aware of people who look suspicious. Common behaviors of vehicle burglars include:

  • Moving from vehicle to vehicle and checking door handles
  • Standing out of sight and watching people enter or leave
  • Looking in the windows of cars

Please be aware of activity that looks suspicious and report it to UCF Police by calling 407-823-5555. If you believe you are witnessing a crime in progress, dial 911 immediately.