UCFPD Increasing Underage Drinking and DUI Enforcement Friday

Posted August 19, 2015

The UCF Police Department will partner with other agencies Friday in an alcohol enforcement detail near the main campus.

UCFPD and the Orange County Sheriff's Office's SNAP detail, which targets underage drinking and irresponsible partying behavior, will be in effect. Those violating drinking laws are subject to written or physical arrests and referrals to the Office of Student Conduct.

UCFPD, OCSO, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Highway Patrol also will be looking for impaired drivers in the area near UCF.

Our goal is to reduce the crashes, injuries and fatalities that come from impaired driving, and we will have zero tolerance for those breaking the law.

Drivers suspected of being under the influence could be pulled over by police and asked to complete sobriety tests. Those who fail the tests will be transported to jail. Drivers under the influence who are under 21 will be subject to license suspensions even if they are not DUI.

If your plans involve drinking, do so legally and responsibly. Make arrangements to get home safely before you go out. Elect a trusted friend to be a sober designated driver, or plan on taking a cab.

Never put lives at risk by getting behind the wheel if you've consumed alcohol, and don't let your friends make that mistake.

Remember, if you're drinking underage or driving under the influence, you subject yourself to arrest.

Make responsible choices that help to keep you and others safe.