UCFPD Honors Officers, Staff, Community Members

Posted April 24, 2018

The UCF Police Department hosted a ceremony at the Wayne Densch Center for Student-Athlete Leadership to celebrate the department’s achievements in 2017.

Family, friends, and colleagues watched as awards were presented to officers, staff members, and community partners for their loyalty to UCFPD and the UCF community.

Detective Rick Salcedo received the Officer of the Year Award for his contributions to the success and improvement of the Investigations Division and the agency as a whole. His sexual investigations background led to several cleared cases and has made UCFPD a leader in law enforcement training in sexual offenses.

Other department “Of the Year” awards included:

Employee of the Year: Cynthia Pugsley, Accreditation  
Supervisor of the
Year (Sworn): Sgt. Scott Freeman, Criminal Investigations Unit
Supervisor of the Year (Civilian): Debbie Pope, Records Division
Dispatcher of the Year: Steven Keith, Communications Division
Victim Advocate of the Year: Christey Oberbeck, UCF Victim Services
Community Service Officer of the Year: Wilfredo Vega
Safe Escort Patroller of the Year: Javier Alvarenga

Dr. Ross Wolf was presented a Distinguished Service award for his contribution and assistance with the 2018 UCFPD Promotional Exam.

Karen Hofmann, with UCF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), received a Chief’s Award for being a trusted and solid supporter and collaborator with UCFPD.  Her work with those in crisis has played a vital role in providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Additional Chief’s Awards were given to UCFPD Corporal Erik Lashinsky, Detective Jeffrey Panter, and Crime Analyst Breanne Tucker.

The following individuals earned Unit Citations:

  • Officers Jade Mast, Katie Marts, and Ben Lewis for assisting a child that was found alone on UCF’s campus. After investigation, they determined the child was involved in a possible case of child abuse, and turned the child and case over to the appropriate authorities.
  • Officers Jade Mast, Melissa Guadagnino, and Danielle Hughes volunteered to be a part of an undercover operation in response to a recent string of attacks on female students on campus. These officers dressed as students to act as bait, willingly exposing themselves to possible harm for the safety of the UCF community.
  • Delta squad members Sergeant Woody Furnas, Corporal Alan Elliot, and Officers Jose Morales, Maya Tolentino, Eric Bryant, Jean Quiles, and Maurice Thompson responded to a vehicle burglary in progress in October, where their quick response led to the capture of two suspects, who were ultimately tied to the rash of vehicle burglaries that were occurring.

Members of the community were recognized for their continued support of the UCF Police Department. Awardees included:

  • Wonder Works
  • Starbucks (Corporate and Alafaya)
  • Gustavo Rios
  • Michelle Brooks
  • Fred Larsen
  • Artie Stoeke (Dominos)
  • Jacob Bonne (UCF Housing)
  • Daniel Ford (Mears Transportation Group)
  • Sally Hayes (Federal Eastern International)
  • Stan Reyzin (Federal Eastern International)
  • Monsour Baker (HG2 Emergency Lighting)
  • Naser Baker (HG2 Emergency Lighting)
  • Ali Bhojani (HG2 Emergency Lighting)
  • Rick Miller (Bancorp)
  • Karrie-Linn Velms (Bancorp)

Several members of the UCF Police Department were awarded commendations for their work in keeping the UCF community safe:

  • Corporal Erik Lashinsky
  • Officer James Strawn
  • Detective Melissa Guadagnino
  • Detective Jeffrey Panter
  • Officer Eric Morales
  • Officer Luis Rivera
  • Detective Matt Scott
  • Officer Maya Tolentino
  • Officer Eric Bryant
  • Officer Katie Marts
  • Officer Jose Morales
  • Officer Rhett Proctor
  • Dispatcher Michael McGuire
  • Andrew O’Mara
  • Dispatcher Robert Ramos