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UCF to Host Regional Full-Scale Emergency Exercise March 12

Posted February 23, 2015

First responders from across Central Florida will gather at UCF Thursday, March 12, for a full-scale emergency preparedness exercise.

The exercise will test agencies’ response capabilities, including timely and accurate communication, command response and information sharing. Ultimately, the goal is to give participants an opportunity to exercise their response and improve protocols for dealing with future emergencies.

The exercise will be led by UCF’s Office of Emergency Management and UCF Police.

UCF Police to Host Property Engraving Event Feb. 17

Posted February 16, 2015

The best way to prevent theft—the top crime on college campuses—is by keeping an eye on your things and securing any valuables.

But there’s an important extra step you can take to ensure that in the event something goes missing or is stolen, your property makes it back into your hands.

The UCF Police Department engraves owners’ driver’s license numbers onto their laptops, tablets, bicycles, skateboards and other valuables for free as part of the nationally recognized Operation ID program.

UCF Police to Offer Bait Bike Education, Property Registration

Posted February 4, 2015

Officers and detectives from the University of Central Florida Police Department will educate students about UCF’s bait bike program and help them protect their property.

UCFPD owns the bait bikes, which are left around campus. The bikes are equipped with GPS trackers so that when a thief steals a bike, police are notified and know where to find them.

Update on Incident at Gemini and Orion Intersection

Posted February 2, 2015

UCF Police and Orange County Fire Rescue today responded to a report of an accident with injuries at the intersection of Gemini and Orion boulevards.

The incident was domestic. According to witnesses, a male driving a black Nissan pushed his female passenger out of the car and into the road. The driver then fled the scene.

The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries from the fall and was transported to the hospital. The victim, who is not a student, is in stable condition and is speaking with police.

Alleged Armed Robbery a False Report

Posted January 30, 2015

UCF Police detectives have determined that a report of a strong arm robbery on campus Wednesday night was false.

Detectives responded to the scene and made contact with the female victim, who alleged that the suspects pulled their car up next to her, implied they had a weapon and demanded she hand over her purse.

No evidence indicative of a robbery was found at the scene, and the woman did not have much information about what took place.

In retracing the victim’s steps from that night, video evidence indicated inconsistencies in the woman’s story.

UCF Police Unveil New Recruiting Car, Start Hiring Campaign

Posted January 29, 2015

The University of Central Florida Police Department is putting the pedal to the metal on hiring new officers.

A new UCF-themed police recruitment cruiser hit the road Monday, Jan. 26. The hope is that the new car—which incorporates UCF landmarks in its design—will attract the attention of rookie and veteran officers who want a career in community policing.

The agency hopes to add about 15 new officers each year over the next several years, and the hiring surge will put more officers out on patrol as UCF’s enrollment continues to increase.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Property

Posted January 28, 2015

Keeping an eye on your things and securing any valuables is the best way to protect your property. But if something goes missing or is stolen, having your your property registered with the UCF Police Department can help us get the item back into your hands.

UCFPD engraves laptops, tablets, bicycles, skateboards and other valuables for free as part of the nationally recognized Operation ID program.

Regional Emergency Exercise the Highlight of Semester’s Safety Activities

Posted January 28, 2015

Activities planned for this semester will help members of the UCF community plan for disasters and protect themselves and their property.

The March 12 region-wide emergency exercise that will bring first responders from across Central Florida to UCF to work through a simulated crisis is among this spring’s highlights.

Led by UCF’s Office of Emergency Management, the exercise will allow police officers, firefighters and other agencies to practice critical response and test new techniques that are crucial in keeping the community safe.

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary to Lead International Chiefs Association

Posted October 20, 2014

With 37 years in law enforcement under his belt, it’s unusual for University of Central Florida Police Chief Richard Beary to experience firsts.

But later this month, he’ll be front and center for a historical occasion: On Tuesday, Oct. 28, Beary will be sworn in as president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, marking the first time the chief of a university or college law enforcement agency has held the title.

UCF Police Sgt. Earns National Law Enforcement Leadership Award

Posted October 15, 2014

Whether you’re a police officer responding to the scary unknown or a defensive lineman working to contain the offense, Christopher Gavette is the type of guy you want on your team.

The UCF Police Sergeant prioritizes being there for others, giving back to the community and serving as a role model.

“Being a police officer is not about riding around in a car,” Gavette said. “It’s about getting out there, shaking hands and making this a better community to be a part of.”