Be Safe This Halloween

Posted October 29, 2015

With Halloween approaching, I remind you to pay extra attention to safety.

As a Knight, you have a responsibility to remain vigilant about your safety and to look out for each other.

Keeping you safe is our responsibility as well, and UCF Police officers will be taking extra steps to protect our community this weekend.

Additional staffing will be dedicated to looking out for impaired drivers, underage drinking, fake IDs and other dangerous partying behavior.

This is your warning. Breaking the law puts yourself and others in danger, and it makes you subject to written or physical arrest and referral to the Office of Student Conduct.

If your Halloween plans involve drinking, do so legally, safely and responsibly.

If your plans involve alcohol, make arrangements to get home safely ahead of time. Plan on taking an Uber, cab, or other service, or select a designated driver before you start drinking. That person should be someone whom you trust to stay sober and transport you safely.

Be sure to monitor how much you drink, and never accept drinks from strangers.

Lastly, if you see someone in need, call for help. Calling for help could save a life.

UCFPD can be reached 24/7 at 407-823-5555. Always dial 911 for emergencies or crimes in progress.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.