Be Safe Behind the Wheel

Posted August 29, 2018

Since the fall semester started last week, the UCF Police Department has responded to nearly 40 car accidents on campus.

The majority of these crashes have taken place inside garages, and many were hit and runs.

UCFPD reminds you to use extra caution when behind the wheel, especially during these busy first few weeks of classes. Buckle up, stay alert and focused on the road, and keep your cell phone out of your hands while driving.

Drivers should be aware that UCF is a pedestrian, bicyclist and skateboarder-friendly campus. Those travelers also must follow the rules of the road, which include obeying traffic signals and looking both ways before crossing the street.

In the event you are involved in or witness an accident, call police immediately. Do the right thing, and don't leave the scene.

We often receive feedback from the community about additional security cameras in garages being a solution to traffic accidents.

Forthcoming license plate readers, a technology used at campuses and large facilities across the country, will be both a proactive and reactive crime-fighting tool. We'll be communicating more about that project soon.

Right now, the issue we're seeing is best addressed by a little extra caring and consideration.

Please drive safely, and look out for your fellow Knights.