Be Mindful, Cautious of Libra Drive Construction

Posted June 18, 2015

The UCF Police Department is asking drivers to slow down as construction crews work on widening Libra Drive from Gemini Boulevard South to the entrance of Central Florida Research Park.

The project will expand Libra Drive from two lanes to four and will add an eastbound right turn lane at Gemini Boulevard and Libra Drive. Completion is expected by March 2016.

Lately we’ve noticed that drivers are going too fast and disregarding safety. UCFPD will be enforcing Libra Drive’s speed limit, which is 25mph near the Creative School for Children and the Libra Garage and 30mph closer to Research Park.

We will stop those who are driving recklessly.

Be prepared for traffic delays as construction, which includes heavy equipment, lane closures and workers on foot, continues. When possible, it’s best to use an alternate route until the project is completed.

Thank you for being our partner in safety.