Bike Registration

Over two million bicycles are stolen every year - or one bike every 30 seconds. While stolen bicycles are frequently recovered by law enforcement, it's often hard to identify the bike's rightful owner.

The UCF Police Department has partnered with Protech DNA to use their technology to help protect the property of our students, faculty and staff.

Biclye DNA labels

This high-tech label is placed on the bicycle and has a unique personal Identification number (PIN) that links the bicycle to its actual owner.

Microscopic Dots

Bicycle DNA labels have microscopic dots embedded into the adhesive and each dot is etched with a PIN. If a label is removed from the bike, the adhesive remains on the bike. allowing law enforcement to easily returns the bike to its owner if its recovered after being lost or stolen.


Download the free Bicycle registration app.



Why should you register your property with the UCF Police Department?

  • Theft is the number one crime on collage compuses. By regisration your property, you are creating a deterrent to criminals, while also allowing law enforcement to return your items to your is they are reconvered after being lost or stolen.
  • When you register your bycycle or other property, law enforcement from around the country can identify you as the owner. It can also be nitify police if the property is stolen and sold to a pawn shop or tosecond-hand dealers.

Registration Bonus

UCF students that register their bicycles will receive a FREE DNA for Property kit.

DNA for Property kits include a packet of special adhesive gel, which has over 3,500 microscopic dots. Each dot is etched with a unique PIN that is registered to the user's account.

Each DNA for Property kit includes 50-75 applications. Just swab the DNA adhesive gel on the property of your choice and enter its description into your inventory account.

The DNA adhesive can also be applied to other specific locations on your bicycle to help law enforcement determine ownership.